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My Kindle books As of this update, I've written and published thirteen books of mostly PAW (Post Apocalyptic World) fiction covering topics from alternate energy to clean water but in story format. "An Accidental Family" has sold more than 1900 copies. Story content runs from PG13 (most of them) to R ("Jack's War"). The stories are of various lengths: "The Waif" is 31,000 words (half a typical novel), "Jack's War" is 182,000 words (three typical novels). Plan on a long reading session if you get all the books as they total more than half a million words.
Some free short stories: How Can You Be So Calm? Thanksgiving Storm Keep The Cool Inside Sudden Silence
Solar Power In my exploration of small solar power systems, I've created two spreadsheets that allow you to specify your loads and the size of your battery bank and the spreadsheet will tell you how long you can power that load. There's also a section for the solar array and it will tell you how long that size array would need to charge the batteries after 8, 12, 16 or 24 hours or a specifed number of days of use (yes, it assumes you'll not have sun for days). The 12-volt-only spreadsheet (most small homebrew systems are 12 volts, at least initially) is here Solar Generator. The settable voltage spreadsheet (24, 36, 48 or other voltage) is here: Solar Generator Settable Voltage. Both spreadsheets have the last time updated in the upper right corner. Last update is September 2023.
For those who lucked into the WalMart clearance of the GoPower Plus "powerpack" for $20 or $40, there's also a spreadsheet to give you times when using the light, the USB and QC ports, the "12 volt" output and the inverter.
My Portfolio A portfolio is a collection of created works and provides a better view of a person's skills and abilities than a simple resume.
Free Palm software Some fun programs and a couple that you might find useful; most include the NS Basic source code.
Free Pocket PC software With source code in NSBasic/CE.
Free PC software For Windows and DOS; with source code in Visual Basic, C, and PowerBasic.
XP Wireless Lan Setup Some screenshots and a few words about installing a wireless LAN card in Windows XP.
PICAXE A great little device that costs just a bit more than the PIC it's based on and is programmable in Basic
More about me Some family pictures, a little family tree information, and some words about and pictures from several digital cameras
My rain barrel design Includes a parts list and some other resources
No wobble ceiling fan Installing a ceiling fan that does not wobble - the secret of blade "balance"

Home Depot mis-assembly Why you should not let Home Depot assemble things for you.

Survival Blog Think the political and financial climate are scary? Perhaps you should prepare for being on your own. Lots of ideas here.

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