Karen and Matt tie the knot

doorsign [120K]

Flowers for the Mother of the Bride
mother-b [81K]
and the Mother of the Groom
mother-g [66K]
Photographing the Photographer
photog [88K]
The pianist is a friend since first grade
piano [47K]
While the men wait
guyswait [71K]
The ladies are posed
ladies [77K]
The Bride
bride [71K]
The Ceremony
withring [112K]
The Wedding Party
party [90K]
The Food
food [60K]
The Groom's Cake
batman [65K]
The Toast
toast [74K]
The Sendoff
bells [63K]
The Limo
limo [77K]
It's been a long day
tired [44K]

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