Karen graduates from the University of South Carolina - May, 2000

No matter what the sign out front is like: 00050503 [30K]

The buildings all look alike from the parking lot: 00050501 [14K]

There was the usual series of speakers (and a sign interpreter). Surprise - the keynote speaker was very good!
00050507 [14K] 00050509 [8K] 00050510 [6K]

The interior lighting is for basketball games, not for something as important as receiving your Master's degree.
Too dim to get a good handheld shot: 00050506 [15K]

Too far away for even a big flash: 00050511 [7K]

Things did get up-close and personal at Davis College, the home of Library and Information Science.

There were balloons and streamers, along with food and champagne: 00050513 [21K]

Some pictures with friends from school: 00050517 [7K] 00050518 [12K]

Just in case she can't remember the college name: 00050522 [12K]

Have to show off the Master's cape:
lemon yellow for Library and Information Science,
garnet and black for the University of South Carolina.
00050523 [8K]

In front of the stately building: 00050524 [26K]

The three Stooges: Zack, Karen, & Matt: 00050525 [15K]

With her significant other, Matt: 00050527 [13K]

And last but not least, with her proud parents: 00050529 [13K]

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